First attempt

Hello! Its my first attempt to do a blog. Stay with me as I navigate this new “diary”. So I guess I need to introduce myself – hhmmmmm lets just say I’m a 30 something girl who is still in denial about being an adult and taking it day by day in terms of managing my life with family, work and myself.

I called this blog a hopeful heart because I want to pour my thoughts on this anonymous posts about what I am feeling and experiencing. I realized that as you grow older your thoughts are suppose to be filtered because if you voice it out even if you are just saying random thoughts – it will have repercussions. So, what is a better way to let it all out without the consequences of hurting someone or being misunderstood and misinterpreted….. Without the second voices inside your head asking if you are being too selfish to want things for yourself even if you are already a wife or a mom. So a hopeful heart is born…. I hope who ever reads this blog will know that the struggles that they are experiencing is not only felt by themselves but also by other people. To find hope and be optimistic that life can be better and will be better…





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